March 11, 2010

Arrow Of Light Award Plaque

Arrow of Light Plaque!

I created this Arrow of Light plaque, because I saw how expensive some were out there on the internet! Very cheap to do, if you are a DIY-er, then this is for you!

Vinyl Arrow of Light Symbol - YELLOW
3x18 inches

Personalized Name / Date - WHITE

Colored Strips for Arrow

*Board measures 5x20 inches (wood currently not available from me)
*Brass Tea Cup hooks I bought at KMart.
*ARROW: 1 - 3/8" dowel rod, 1 flint arrow head (found at Hobby Lobby), blue and yellow feather cut in half, yellow resign string, hot glue, brown craft paint, vinyl colored strips to show rank advancement throughout cub scouts.

If you would like to order the VINYL for this project, please contact me.
I accept paypal, cash, and personal checks if I know you! Shipping is $5.00

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